chiaki tomii

Japanese Acupuncturist (Women’s Fertility & Health & All Around Eastern
Medicine Specialist) Austin, TX

Chiaki Tomii, Japanese Acupuncture. Eastern Medicine & Women’s Fertility Specialist

Chiaki Tomii is an amazing Japanese Acupuncturist in Austin. She not only specializes in women’s health and fertility, but she can help with all kinds of things. Whether you need to alleviate some sort of pain or want to see how Chinese medicine & Japanese acupuncture can help you reach your general health goals, I highly recommend her. She’s helped me a lot! And she’s also well versed in manual therapy (she started out with acupressure and shiatsu :).


Physical & aquatic therapy, Austin, TX.

Austin PT Physical & Aquatic Therapy

Sometimes my clients are looking for a recommendation for physical therapy … Though I’ve never been a client personally, this Physical Therapy & Aquatic Therapy practice is the one that’s been highly recommended to me by others. :)