Some of the products & practices we’re most often recommending to clients for self care &/or massage, at home (products at Amazon)!

pain & tension tamer (DEEP TISSUE cupPING SET)

These are a very versatile and easy-to-use self care tool … can help you to loosen up knots and relieve tension at home. The cupping tube makes it possible to reach even hard-to-reach areas. Highly recommend.

circulation & fitness - small vibe plate

This small, light vibration plate can be used for so many things! Increases blood and lymph circulation, provides full body massage, stress relief, weight or fat loss, and boosts physical fitness (when you work out on it). I thought it was hype, but it’s really a little miracle worker! Easy to move around the house … or put under your desk while working.

neck saver - bamboo massage tool

This thing really works magic for your neck (but you can use it wherever you need some extra massage power)! If you warm it up in a heating pad, it will completely melt any tensions you have….Brilliant!

sleep! liquid melatonin

Do you ever have insomnia? This is my favorite brand of melatonin. Tastes good, is fast acting, and also mellow (doesn’t give crazy dreams or nightmares!) Don’t use it often, but if ever it’s needed, it’s nice to have on hand!

hydrate & replenish #1

Electrolyte balance is so important for hydration & avoiding cramps! This is a great supplement for boosting your potassium chloride…especially handy if you get yourself a home sauna (or work out) and sweat a lot!

tension tamer (MYOFASCIAL CUPPING SET #1)

This soft cupping set is great for myofascial cupping, general tension relief, and cellulite reduction or scar tissue healing. This set has one of the largest jars available, for larger muscle groups. Highly recommend.

AND BREATHE….Have you heard of the Wim Hoff breathing method? Here, Wim Hof himself explains. It’s an excellent tool for stress relief, cardiovascular fitness, and clearing your mind - highly recommend!

circulation, fat loss, fitness-full vibe plate

Amazing vibration plate! Highly recommend this brand and the smaller one to the left! I use them both for different types of vibration workouts or massage sessions! This has become Essential for relieving stress and physical fitness. It works miracles. :)

fascia friend - vibrating foam roller

Brings together the power of vibration with body rolling or foam rolling! Very powerful and a great tool to have on hand! Increase circulation, break up knots, and smooth and loosen up tight muscles and fascia.

sweat & detox! home sauna blanket

Why pay a spa $100 for a sauna session when you can have your own at home, for next to nothing? This thing is truly awesome for sweating out those toxins…Helps with detoxing and weight / fat loss….Definitely wish I’d discovered it sooner! (Always use best safety practices and avoid use during thunderstorms, lightning, etc.)

hydrate & replenish #2

This is the “no salt” powder version of the potassium chloride pill, which helps to keep your body’s electrolyte balance. Can be mixed with or in place of regular table salt. It’s very “salty” tasting, so go easy :).

tension tamer (MYOFASCIAL CUPPING SET #2)

Another kind of soft (myofascial) cupping set that is great to have on hand. This set includes beauty cups (for your face) and is a little easier to use one-handed. Both are great to have!

happy fascia & muscles - Yamuna beginner body rolling kit

This is all you need to get started with the amazing benefits of body rolling with the Yamuna method! Body rolling with an inflatable ball offers many advantages to foam rolling … It’s more gentle and comfortable on the body, but goes just as deep. And because it’s a sphere, you can roll every area of your body (while foam rolling is more limited). This intro DVD is the perfect introduction, with Yamuna herself! Comes with a pump, which you can use for any smaller balls you purchase (there are many sizes- this beginner one being the largest)!

neck, ql & glute saver - massage fit ball

This little thing is my new favorite tool for making muscle tension disappear! It really does work wonders, and at less than $10, you simply can’t go wrong. I love it for the neck and shoulders, especially.

tension tamer - acupressure mat

This provides amazing relief of general tension and also is phenomenal at promoting good sleep, when used right before bed! First time or two is a bit intense, but you will acclimate and really crave it, in no time.

sweat & detox #2

Want another way of detoxing at home with another DIY “Sauna”? This can be used inside a DIY or Amazon purchased sauna tent … or even a small bathroom or closet. Add a wool blanket to get sweating quickly! (Of course, please observe common sense safety & fire hazard practices!) I like to alternate between using this and the sauna blanket. (This provides more of an upper body sweat, while the blanket gives a stronger lower body sweat.)

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