Here’s what we’re currently using or recommending for female balance, health & beauty! (Products at Amazon.)

hormone balancer - cramp relief & pregnancy assistance

One of the best “all round” herbs for women’s hormonal health & balance. So many benefits! Packed with magnesium, C, potassium and folate. Supports healthy uterus, menstruation, pregnancy & birth.

skin & lymph health-Detox

So you want soft, glowing skin and a supercharged immune system? Plus, you want to stay detoxed … Dry brushing is your BFF! I love this set, it’s got a great selection of brushes. Check the booking menu for the Skin Glow session (using dry brushing & more, for beautiful skin).

balance #1!

Another wonderful choice for overall hormonal balance! Liquid herbal formula with a potent mix of the best female herbs!

balance #2!

I’m sensing a theme here! Balance :) Wild Yam, Vitex, Dong Quai … some of the best herbs you can take for that B word, again.

Face the daze

Another set of Gua Sha tools, for good measure. There is a little more variety here, with the shape of the jade tools. Used daily or a few times a week can be a real fountain of youth for your skin! These will also be used in the Skin Glow session, if you’d like to experience them during your appointment.

DOn’T LET menopause macA you crazy!

Maca is an herb that is renowned for bringing balance at menopause time … and other times. May help to reduce night sweats, restart a MIA menstrual cycle, and increase fertility … IDK if any of that is going to happen for you!, but the few times I’ve used it, I feel it has helped!

about face

Want to keep your face looking supple and vibrant as you age? This set is a great little friend. Daily or regular Jade Rolling and Gua Sha face massage will help to keep your skin looking its best. Also check out the Skin Glow session, where Jade Roller and Gua Sha are used (with Dry Brushing!) for ultimate skin care love.

la-la-lovely -natural DIY Sheet masks!

Are you a fan of the Korean sheet masks? Many of them have too many random chemicals in them for me to really enjoy, so I went looking for a natural alternative…This set is an amazing value and a fun way to make your own sheet masks at home! Stay tuned for a blog post or video on how I do mine :).

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